Hew is a furniture and small wares company focused on creating handmade, quality pieces to last through the ebb and flows of trends and daily use.  


Hew is a small Portland, Oregon based furniture and small wares company that was founded in 2013.  Our work addresses the relationships we form with our constructed environment, the overlap of art, craft, and domestic life. We are aggressively committed to creating everyday objects that enhance our lives through meaningful interaction. As a result of thoughtful design and execution of craft, our work reveals a sense of intimacy...the story of a piece, how it feels to plop into a chair or run your hand along the bottom of a tabletop. Our practice does not negotiate the thinness of styles; rather we seek to mate timeless beauty with timeless utility. 

Integral to our practice and commitment to craft are programs of research and teaching. We believe in a sensitive and responsible process to making and use only domestic hardwoods to create our new American archetypes. 

Every piece is designed and handmade in our Portland, Oregon studio by Hew founder Sterling Collins, a talented architectural designer turned woodworker. 



Outside of our product line we've had the
opportunity to work with some great folks.
Here's a few of them...

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