Woodworking Courses - Sign up now!

Sterling will be teaching woodworking classes at Oregon College of Art and Craft beginning January 21. Both ten week courses and weekend workshops are available.  Sign up quickly as some workshops have already filled!


Ten Week Courses:
Wood and Light
You will walk away from this course with both a desk lamp and a floor lamp.  You will be provided with plans for minimalistic designs to build alongside the instructor. The main goal of this course is to familiarize students with woodworking basics - the safe operation of woodworking machines and power tools, basic joinery, as well as the architecture of a lamp.  This course is ideal for those who are new to woodworking or just want to build some lights!  Prerequisite: None
Mondays // 6:30-9:30pm    January 23 - April 3  (No class held on March 27)

Kitchen Kit
Learn to make a “Kitchen Kit”, creating multiple utility items for domestic use, from carved spoons, turned honey dippers to serving boards.  This fun course will look into multiple and disparate techniques for woodworking, from hand building to power tools. Through class discussions, demonstrations, and effort, students will investigate and learn woodworking techniques that focus on skill development, creativity and the safe use of tools.  We will cover wood properties, milling techniques, and safe use of both hand and power tools.  This is a hands-on course developed for students new to woodworking or intermediate students looking to hone their craft.  Prerequisites: None
Wednesdays // 6:30 - 9:30pm    January 25 - April 5 (No class held on March 29)

Weekend Workshops:
Maker Space: Sketch with Wood
We invite you to join us in the Wood Studio for a day of material exploration while we look into ideas that focus on the novelty of sketching in wood.  Through the use of basic found objects and wood, you will create quick assemblages that explore, through a series of charrettes, sculpture as a form of idea generation. We will focus on tension/compression, implied movement, etc.  These open-ended sculptures not only act as a reference for future developments, but also serve as playful stand-alone sculptures.  Simple methods of material manipulation will be taught, including the use of hand tools and band saw.  This workshop will be a fun and creative exploration of process and problem solving.   Some materials will be provided but you are welcome to supplement by bringing in found objects, pieces, parts, string, pins, doodads…items that fit in the palm of your hand.
Saturday // 9am - 4pm    January 21

Spoon Carving
Learn to carve your own spoons!  In this three-day workshop, you’ll learn how to shape, carve, hollow, refine and finish a spoon, from start to finish.  The focus of this workshop will be hand carving a spoon from a kiln-dried piece of lumber.  Safety is emphasized throughout the process, we will also discuss wood selection and food safe finishes.  In addition to your spoon(s), you will take away the knowledge and skills to continue making spoons at home, including a carving knife and gouge!
Friday // 6:30 - 9:30pm, Saturday - Sunday // 9am - 4pm    March 10-12

Make your own chopsticks to enjoy every meal with!  In this workshop, you will make a simple jig to easily plane chopsticks into their tapered form.  From there you can add further adornment or carving.  You’ll learn how to use a block plane, a little about jig making and of course how to make chopsticks.  Each student will take home a few sets of finished chopsticks, some blanks to make more at home and the jig.  If you have your own block plane, bring it with so we can make your jig to fit!  While there are no prerequisites, bring your own block plane to be able to complete more chopsticks at home!
Saturday - Sunday // 9am - 4pm    April 8- 9

Turning a Small Bowl
Learn to turn a bowl in this hands-on workshop!  Students will be introduced to the lathe in this three-day workshop, working your way up to turning your very own wooden bowls.  We will discuss turning basics, safety, tool use, wood selection, chucking methods, etc.  Each student will have the opportunity to turn at least one bowl.
Friday // 6:30 - 9:30pm, Saturday - Sunday // 9am - 4pm    February 10-12