New Fall Woodworking Courses - Starting in September!

Hew founder Sterling will be teaching at Oregon College of Art and Craft beginning in September. There are three long format courses and four weekend workshop options, long format courses meet in the evening to fit most persons' schedule.  We recommend you sign up early, particularly for turning courses - there is pretty limited space available.  There's a long list of classes here, scroll through and find one that works for you (or more?!)  Woodworking classes also make very unique gifts so keep that in mind with the holiday season coming up (yes I said that in July.)  Click below for more about pricing and sign up.  We will soon be announcing spoon carving workshops at the Hew studio...we are especially excited about that series.  Check back soon!


10 Week Courses:

Turning for the Kitchen
In this popular course students will make numerous items to use in the kitchen.  We will use the lathe to learn how to turn using both spindle and faceplate techniques.  We will work on a wide range of projects to take home: honey dippers, rolling pins, plates, bowls, etc.  We will start with the basics of turning, tool selection, sharpening, methods of chucking, sanding and finishing. We will use kiln-dried domestic woods and food safe finishes – all materials are provided.  This will be a fun and fast-paced primer in turning!  These projects would make great holiday gifts or great additions to your kitchen.

Open to all skill levels.  Work outside of class time, while minimal, may be necessary.
Sept 17 - Nov 26
Mondays, 6:30-9:30pm

Introduction to Furniture Making

In this course students will build fundamental woodworking skills, culminating in a single project – a side table.  This course is paced for those new to the craft of woodworking and covers basic woodworking tools and machines, their use and fundamental processes and joinery. Students will make their table from a provided design.  Through demo, lecture and most importantly by you making, students will gain the experience and confidence to complete future works.  Safe use of the tools is heavily emphasized throughout the process as we learn to operate machinery.

Students will employ the foundational mortise and tenon joint in the creation of their tables.  This class is designed to empower those new to woodworking through the creation of a beautiful and functional table made by hand.

Students will purchase materials following the first class.  Minimal work outside of scheduled class time may be required.  Recommended for beginners, open to all.
Sept 25 - Nov 27
Tuesdays, 6:00-9:00pm

Beautiful Box
In this introductory level course, students will make a hinged lidded box with interior partitions and optional tray - perfect for holding jewelry, tea, or other keepsakes.  Students will learn fundamental woodworking processes including milling, safe tool use, basic joinery methods, and finishing.  

Students will be provided with a design but can customize its interior layout and joinery method.  Students will do joinery studies to best determine what works for their box while introducing them to basic methods of joining.  We will explore splined miters and finger joints.

Students will purchase materials after the first class. While minimal, students should expect some work outside of scheduled class time.  Open to all.
Sept 12 - Nov 28
Wednesdays, 6:00-9:00pm

Weekend Workshops:

Introduction to Turning
This two-day turning primer will cover the basics of turning on a wood lathe.  Through a series of quick projects, a honey dipper and wine stopper, students will learn the essential skills to begin turning.  Students will learn about the lathe, turning tools, sharpening, chucking methods and basic techniques to manipulate a turning blank.

This workshop will prepare students with a foundational skill set for future projects or to continue turning in long format courses.

Materials will be provided.  No experience necessary.
Sept 29 & 30

Turning: Lidded Box

Learn to turn a lidded box in this three day workshop.  Students will learn how to grain match the lid to your box - by turning from a single piece of wood - while learning techniques to turn into end grain.  

Materials will be provided.  Recommended for students with some turning experience.
Oct 12,13-14
6:30-9:30pm, 9am-4pm

Basic Carved Vessels
Learn to carve a small vessel using a plethora of carving tools.  Students will make a small bowl or plate like object using carving gouges, knives, scrapers, rasps, sandpaper, and other tools. We will cover basic techniques for material manipulation in this fast paced weekend workshop.  

Carved objects will be scaled to hold things like jewelry, spices, keys, etc.  This intro level workshop is open to all and will give students a basic carving foundation to make other small projects or prepare them for a longer format class.

Kiln dried wood will be provided. No experience necessary.
Nov. 9,10-11
6:30-9:30pm, 9:00am-4:00pm

Turning Workshop: Peppermill
Learn how to turn on a lathe as you make a peppermill in this three-day workshop.  Design and construct a mill that you can use everyday in your kitchen or will make for an impressive holiday gift. 

This spindle turning workshop will introduce students to basic turning techniques and chucking methods.

Materials and peppermill hardware will be provided.  No experience necessar
Nov. 16, 17-18
6:30-9:30pm, 9:00am-4:00pm